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On cloud nine atop Nhìu Cồ San mountain

A group of trekking enthusiasts, guided by native highlanders, face mental and physical challenges on the way to the top of a mountain, but feel liberated as they stand in a sea of clouds.

31/12/2017 14:00

Old guide book gets back on to the bookshelves

A classic travel guide authored early in the 20th century has been reprinted, offering readers the opportunity to travel back in time and experience yesteryear Hà Nội in minute detail.

30/12/2017 08:30

Drug hotspots in the Northern border area getting complicated

With no more tears to cry, Lò Thị Xăm’s only hope is that her two sons can “love their mother more”. The Thai ethnic lady, living in Phát Village, Lóng Sập Ward, lost her husband to a drug overdose

30/12/2017 08:00

For S’Tiêng people, lives improving bit by bit

For hundreds of years, S’Tiêng ethnic people in the Central Highlands Province of Lâm Đồng lived in forest in the border area among Lâm Đồng, Bình Phước and Đồng Nai, now better known as Cát Tiên Nat

30/12/2017 00:00

More waste mud to be dumped in ocean

Electricity of Việt Nam’s (EVN) Power Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO 3) is submitting an application for a licence to dump waste mud into the sea off the coast of Bình Thuận Province, a company of

29/12/2017 12:00

APEC exhibition on agriculturure and advanced agro-technologies opens in Cần Thơ

Six APEC economies are displaying agricultural products and advanced agri-production technologies required to address food security and sustainably develop agriculture at an exhibition that opened

29/12/2017 10:00

Tam Hải Island designated as eco-tour site

The central province of Quang Nam has designated the Tam Hải Island commune in Núi Thành District as an eco-tour site, ecological buffer zone and global geo-park site.

29/12/2017 09:30

Eco island fights flood of rubbish

The island of Tam Hải, off the coast of Quảng Nam, has been struggling against a flood of household garbage treatment after the failure of a rubbish-fired furnace.

29/12/2017 09:00

Teachers work against tall odds

At 7.30am, when fog begins to fade from the mountain tops, teacher Bùi Văn Xuân, an ethnic Mường minority, rings the bell to call his students to class at Hà Xi-Hà Nê Primary School in Pa Ủ Commune, M

29/12/2017 09:00

Ministry wants fresh medical graduates to work in outlying areas

New medical graduates could be required to work for three to five years at healthcare centres in outlying regions to meet a critical lack of doctors and help improve healthcare services there.

28/12/2017 10:00

Khmer soldier adopts comrade’s HIV-infected kid

Danh Trường Danh, a Khmer solider, the resident of the Mekong Delta Province of Kiên Giang has braved all the ostracism and fears, adopting two children, one with HIV, of a comrade

28/12/2017 08:30

Soldiers in fight to eradicate illiteracy

In the middle of a forest in the northern mountainous province of Lào Cai, classes teaching reading and writing for under-50-year-olds have been held in the evenings for the past two years.

27/12/2017 15:30